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Verband der Heilklimatischen Kurorte Deutschlands e.V.
c/o Freudenstadt Tourismus

Marktplatz 64
72250 Freudenstadt

Telefon +49 (0) 7441 / 864-790
Telefax +49 (0) 7441 / 864-777

E-Mail: info@heilklima.de



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Exercise in a healing climate

The best doctor is still your own body.

The immune system protects us the most effectively against diseases. However, in order that it can work properly, the cardio vascular system and the other vital functions must be working properly. However, as most modern people work in warm rooms and rarely move, there is the danger that our vital functions are no longer so resilient and our cardio vascular system will become stunted. Illnesses, being unwell and less stress tolerance are the result. Walking in healing climates and/or climate therapy help to redress the balance. When active, the body will be exposed to more stimulating sources, such as gusty winds or increased sun radiation. In clean air, all the vital functions will be stimulated in this way. The body will become once again more resilient and the immune system can fulfil its tasks. Warning: these effects only appear if you do not overstrain yourself. Climate therapists help you to create a sport programme tailor-made for your personal physique. With the help of special instruction signs in the healing climate spas you can estimate the strenuousness of the walks.
Further information is available to download (Link to PDF Heilwandern (healing walks))

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