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Verband der Heilklimatischen Kurorte Deutschlands e.V.
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Bracing and benign factors

All climatic health resorts are spoilt by nature. With their dividing up into bio-climatic zones, we distinguish between bracing and benign areas.

In case of acute health problems, a benign, mild climate is recommended. Bracing climate, by contrast, is advisable when it comes to prevention and hardening.

Climate of the low mountains

Benign climate bracing altitude and radiation factors in the climate of the low mountains are clearly reduced in comparison to the climate in the high mountains.

Above all, benign factors of the forest climate are of therapeutic importance. Mainly the high air purity and the low heat strain belong to those

The climate of the low mountains is perfectly suitable for climatic therapies.
All clinical pictures can be treated.

Due to the low strain intensity, the climate of the low mountains is also suitable for persons with reduced resistance and for convalescence purposes.

Climate of the high mountains

Pure sun and clean air - in view of the radiation conditions, the bio-climatic advantages of the high mountains become especially clear. From autumn to spring, the duration of sunshine is three times higher than in the lowlands.

Intensive sunshine in Kombination mit {fett}combined with slight cold strains, has a stimulating effect and strengthens the power of resistance as well as the organism.

The missing heat strain and the purity, above all the allergen-free air, are considered to be benign factors in the high mountains.

The climate of the high mountains offers patients suffering from allergiesor being susceptible to pollen and mites ideal conditions.

Climate of the lowlands

In the lowlands up to 400 m, normally no climatic therapy is carried out. The heat strain and the air pollution is too high. Therefore, almost all climatic health resorts are situated in an altitude of more than 400 m.

Maritime climate

It is characterised by mild winters and cool summers. In contrast to the inland, reduced daily and yearly fluctuations of air temperature and humidity, increased wind speeds, good radiation conditions, a wide horizon and pure air are characteristics of the islands and coasts.
The purity and the slightly increased vapour steam percentage of the air as well as the missing heat strain are favourable factors. The frequently high wind speeds, however, are considered to be straining factors.
The human organism is stimulated by the increased cooling strains and the increased sun radiation. The sea-salt aerosol in the surf zone represents an especially effective factor.

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