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Verband der Heilklimatischen Kurorte Deutschlands e.V.
c/o Freudenstadt Tourismus

Marktplatz 64
72250 Freudenstadt

Telefon +49 (0) 7441 / 864-790
Telefax +49 (0) 7441 / 864-777

E-Mail: info@heilklima.de



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Premium class packages

In order to make their guests as comfortable as possible, the members of the premium class offer special package offers.

The guests can join in a healthy holiday with wellness at its finest. A hay bath with salt-oil peeling for example provides the first relaxation for stressed city people. Then the guided Nordic Walking tour afterwards will be more fun. Exercise in the fresh air stimulates the organism. You get hungry. This is also thought of: in luxury hotels or bed and breakfasts you will be spoilt with an ample and balanced breakfast, and in the evening a tasteful menu waits for you. Spa taxes and additional fees are of course included. For invalids special cure weeks are offered. Asthmatics, heart patients, allergic persons or adiposity patients will be given a basic check up, and they will receive personal valuable advice from specialists, as to how they can increase their personal wellbeing in spite of their illness, so that they can live life to the full.

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 Wellness & relaxation
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