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Verband der Heilklimatischen Kurorte Deutschlands e.V.
c/o Freudenstadt Tourismus

Marktplatz 64
72250 Freudenstadt

Telefon +49 (0) 7441 / 864-790
Telefax +49 (0) 7441 / 864-777

E-Mail: info@heilklima.de



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Your way to a cure

Today, a distinction is made between a classic and an ambulant cure.

With the classic cure, you will live in a cure clinic, and with the ambulant cure you will of course be treated just as professionally, but you will stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast of your choice.
When you have decided for a cure, you should at first talk to your GP. He will help you to find a suitable healing climate for you and the corresponding cure. In addition, he will help you to fill in the corresponding cure applications as well as any other forms. You can also find out about the exact way to a cure with our diagram. If you have any queries the cure management on location will be happy to give you further help and advice.

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